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    Home Automation with Flair

    • iPhone and iPad control with hub (optional)

    • Quick response to tilt commands

    • 8 pre-programmed louvre positions and one custom position with remote

    • Over 30 customer louvre positions with dial

    • Louvres can be tilted by hand, remote or app (via hub) without the need for flipping switches nor the risk of damage because of incorrect switch settings

    • Two long-lasting rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries per module unit last up to 1 year on a single change via USB port

    • High efficiency solar panel included for extending battery charge

    • Water repellent module units

    • Built-in jam protection for child and pet safety

    Put the power to command your shutters in the palm of your hands. Control a single shutter, a room or shutters or every shutter in your house – exactly how you want it. The PerfectTilt ™ App tracks battery power and when paired with the hub option, enables control through iPhone or iPad. The ultimate in seamless and effortless control, PerfectTilt includes an auto switch feature that changes tilt methods automatically. Go from iPhone/iPad tilt to manual hand tilt, to tilt with the premium metal remote control featuring dial adjustment. There is no need to flip any extra switches or to take any extra steps. Plus, the optional repeater increases signal range for reliable control on large homes.

    Each shutter also includes a solar panel to extend battery life, sometimes for years on a single charge when installed in exceptionally sunny locations – for the ultimate in energy efficiency. Plus, get extra child and pet safety with the built-in sensor that stops louver rotation when needed.


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Shutters Panel Options - Tilt Control

PERFECTTILT™ SHUTTERHome Automation with FlairiPhone and iPad control with hub (optional)Quick response to tilt commands8 pre-programmed louvre positions and one custom position with remoteOver 30 cus